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Welcome to the internet source for top rated Second to Die Life Insurance information and FREE quotes. Our specialty is getting hard to underwrite cases through the process and getting you a policy offer, many times even if you have been previously declined. Also if the agent you are working with is captive (meaning he or she can only offer coverage from the one company they work for) we can usually beat their prices for the same amount of coverage and many times with an even stronger policy.

We have designed this site to take the guess work out of how to obtain this very popular and extremely effective estate planning vehicle with highly rated companies at a very competitive price. If you are already familiar with the many popular benefits and uses of second to die life insurance and looking for an extremely competitive quote you can go directly to our SECOND TO DIE LIFE INSURANCE FREE QUOTE REQUEST FORM

Our FAQ page is designed to both answer questions and provide an overview on the uses of a Second to Die Life Insurance policy.
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Second to die life insurance is an area that we specialize in. Our goal is to provide the best combination of expert advice, top quality products with very competitive prices. Even if you've been declined or think you can't qualify for coverage, we may be able to help. Remember, quotes and second opinions are always free.

Special Note

We also offer Life Insurance Premium Financing. This is a benefit that is available to those individuals with a net worth of at least 5 Million Dollars. This is a specialized type of coverage that we are well versed in that has the potential to dramatically reduce the net out of pocket costs to fund a life insurance policy. If you meet the 5 million criteria, and looking for a way to possibly reduce the policy premiums by a substantial amount then give us a call toll free at 800-944-7730 so we can determine if this is something you will likely qualify for. If you do, we think you will be very surprised at the dramatic cost savings above the typical quotes you may have been show elsewhere.


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